More is More

This week is all about more is more, and the best way to accomplish this look is by focusing on layering (Don’t worry, next post will all be about “Less is More). Your home is the place you come home to every day. It’s the place your family spends a good amount of time, where friends and relatives will gather for special events and lazy summer nights. It is your place of retreat and fortress of comfort at the end of a long day. No matter what home looks like to you, having a place that is pleasing to your eye is always a comforting surrounding for you or anyone who enters your home.

To give your home the finished look you desire with a “more is more” mindset you must always remember that this way of thinking has everything to accessorizing your accessories, and not filling every spot in your home with stuff. Because you have more items to work with it is easier to get carried away and just buy pieces because they go together. Obviously, you want everything to go together, but I encourage you to take the time to find pieces that you absolutely love and that “speak to you.” I know you’ve heard me preach that before, but I don’t plan on stopping today.

Other ways to incorporate more is more is to just take everything one step further. You have throw pillows on your couch already? Add one or two more and a throw blanket, or a basket in the corner with cozy blankets to grab. Did you find a centerpiece for your dining room table? Throw a tray under it and maybe a runner. Is your master completely decorated? nestle a fig tree in the corner. Like I said before, you don’t want your space to become overwhelmingly cluttered, you are just accenting the obvious pieces in your home.

Another way to add a little more is to add things that go above and beyond for you and your guests. For yourself- think about small splurges that you can do to “treat yourself.” Simple things like: purchasing fresh flowers, investing in an extra plush bathmat or kitchen mat, or spending a little more on the throw pillow you really love. For your guests- Nice toilet paper in the bathrooms, purchasing your guests favorite snack or drink for everyone to enjoy, or investing furniture that is extra comfortable and includes lots of seating so everyone has a place to sit.

Yes, all of these things are a little unnecessary, but they are things you personally will notice and get excited about in your day to day life. And what’s a little more if it puts a smile on your face. And as always, if you ever get stuck and can’t figure out the next step, call us! Our interior designer Nikki would be more than happy to help!