My favorite way to decorate for fall

I have a confession to make..... I am not a fall kinda girl. I mean don't get me wrong, I love chunky sweaters, leggings, over sized clothing, and a little bit cooler weather. But as far as decorating my home for fall, I don't go big by any means. The trend this year is to think texture and thickness with hints of fall touches- almost like a pre-transition to Christmas. Sure add in a little bit of themed Halloween and Thanksgiving decor if you should so desire, but If that's not your thing, then don't worry about it. 

Here are a few ways I decorate my home for fall. 

Wood tones are one of my favorites all year round but especially in the later months. They bring out the homey side of fall.. I bought a wooden leafy garland last year and it I LOVE it. It is the perfect nod to fall without completely slapping you in the face with it. Normally I would opt for a darker stain this time of year, but it works perfectly with my aesthetic. Lest year it’s home was just underneath an abnormally tall bar area, but who knows, I might just trow it up on the curtains just to change things up. Another easy way to add in wood is buy using wood slices. We have so many different sizes at Panache, and they can literally be put anywhere. The base of a fall centerpiece is always a great starting point, or you can always use them on a book shelf to give some height to any object.

The next area I like to change is the aromas of my home. Time to put away my watermelon mango soaps, and sugar blossom candles, and transition into autumn leaves and pumpkin spice scents. The fragrances in your home are one of the first things to greet people as they walk through the door, and what better way to bring the outdoors in than through their nose. Candles and soap are also an easy way to add a little more fall into your home with the containers they are placed in.

pumpkin dulce.jpg

Next I love to add chunky blankets. We use thick blankets all year as I am cold natured and love to cuddle up underneath them, but throwing in knit, fur, chunky and over the top blankets are the perfect way to change up you space with things you use every day. Pictured are a collection of new arrivals that would be perfect for implementing this into your home. Whether you use them in a basket, off the edge of the couch, or tossed on the foot of the bed these throws are great for adding warmth to your space. 

fur blankets.jpg

On the same note pillows with mudcloth, fur, and vintage are a popular trend right now. Blacks, browns, olive, and mustard are some of the more easily introduced colors, but on't forget amber colors as mentioned in the last post. A customer and I were talking about pillows yesterday and how hard they are to store. If you like to change out pillows make sure to buy ones with zippers. You can easily change out this pillow case and store the extras flat in a basket inside a closet. No more big bulky inserts to try and make fit somewhere.

Other simple ways of giving a fresh feel for the holidays are changing out your napkins, adding a fall tea towel to your stove, substituting your coasters for a rust geode slice, a new wreath for your front door, seasonal cookies on the counter (just make sure you bring me some), or even giving your dog some seasonal toys. All of these things will make your home feel more like the holidays.

Now go out and decorate your home for fall! Whether you are going to throw pumpkins and skeletons on everything or simply add a little more warmth, love whatever direction you go!