Odd Pillow Out

Have you ever walked into a store, or been shopping online, and fallen in love with a pillow, only then to discover that it is the last one? I most certainly have! Buying pillows in sets makes my life so much easier. It gives the pillow more versatility to float to a different place on a whim, but buying an individual pillow requires a little more creativity….

We at Panache have been OBSESSED with our 'Lapis Pilows.' They are incredibly soft, come in several different colors, and hold the "pillow chop" perfectly. I was the third Panache employee to bring an emerald set into my home with our latest shipment. The sold velvet allows for so much flexibility in layering, and for now, they reside on our couch..... but here is where I struggled. There is a Turkish pillow that I have been in love with for a while and it pairs perfectly with the emerald lapis. So here in my inward debate-. Do I move the emerald pillows onto our bed and put the Turkish as the centerpiece, or do I leave them on the couch and add the Turkish as an asymmetrical touch? Because of course there is only one! Decisions Decisions.

So if you are in the predicament I am in, here are some of the ideas I am working through to decide how I want to conquer this dilemma:

Ask an Associate

I know this seems like common knowledge, but so many customers are happily surprised when we mention being able to order another pillow in for them. I can't guarantee that we can every time, but I would say at least 95% of the time. Right now we have so many new lines from market, and orders that just keep on coming. Chances are you are in luck to receive a match. (After finishing this post I came to realize we could in fact order another of the turkish pillows that inspired this post.)


Be Completely Eclectic

Why not? Have a little fun in your home and go crazy with pattern! Pillows are the perfect place to go completely eclectic. Whether its 5 on the couch, or a set on a bench, let the patterns bring a little fun and life into your home. There are so many ways to carry color from one side to another. Whether your are using texture or another pattern, being eclectic is the best option (in my humble opinion).


The Corner Chair

We all have that one chair that sits in the corner of the living room, behind a desk, or hidden in a bedroom. Single pillows are perfect for these types of spaces because guess what, you only have one chair which equals one pillow (or two different pillows if you are layering)! There is always the patio area, or basket in a basket tucked in the corner.  These easy places allow for add in different pops in unexpected settings while still giving easy access for you to grab an change pillows room to room.

couch 1.jpg

Couch Center

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit us at Panache then you know we love filling our couches with pillows. The standard way is tree on either side with one or two central pillows layered in the middle. Of course this is the Panache way. In my home I am lucky if my husband doesn’t gripe about one pillow on either side of the couch, and so we have compromised with three pillows on the couch. In either case the center pillow is the fun one that completes the look of the couch. Whether it is that star or the texture to balance, don’t ever discredit the power of one pillow.


Bed Focal Point

You know the last layer on the bed, the one in the very front, this is also another option of a home for a lonely pillow without a mate. I do suggest, however, that you use a patterned or "fun" pillow for this spot, again because it is the focal point.

Now that you have five different options for where to put this pillow you want so badly, you now have no excuse not to purchase it. I know your husbands will all love this advice- LOL- but I don't care you can blame me any day. A pillow is always worth it!