Perfectly Panache


Panache is defined as flamboyant confidence of style or manor, and this is exactly how we want our decor to make you feel in your home. Each one of us has our own style and what gives us that "ahhhh" feeling as we relax after a long day at work. Whether you dream in color, prefer a neutral pallete, or must have sparkle everywhere, our goal is to help you find your panache that is perfectly you. 

For me personally,home is the place I can cuddle on the couch with my hubby and giggle as our puppy rolls around on the floor with his toys (yes I do have the cutest puppy). It's the place where our friends feel comfortable looking through our kitchen drawers and pantry to find whatever they need. It's a second home to our family who visits anywhere from a day to a week. Home is my space to express myself. The color pallets, the choice of texture. How much or how little I decorate. It is all mine to do with as I please. 

I was blessed to be someone who enjoys this line of work, but it is not for everyone. Some have a direction and just need a few hint bubbles dropped for them to create and others need Nikki (our interior designer) to work her  and make the everything perfect. And there are still some that can decorate, but having a professional is always the best option when wanting to take your home to the next level. There really is such a difference, especially when you are working with someone who has access to pieces that can be special ordered specifically for your home and your style. 

All this to say be PANACHE with your style!

Have fun with your home, be unique, and never forget to make it feel they way YOU envision home to be.