Spring is here


Thank goodness for spring break! It is the perfect random pause as its focus is based on relaxation vs. the craziness of holiday breaks. My husband and I were able to escape to the mountains for a much needed intermission from life. We were thrilled to spend time with my family hiking, skiing, shopping (duh), and enjoying God's incredible work displayed differently than the flat plains of Amarillo (which are of course beautiful in their own way).

For those who stayed home, I envied the perfect weather. I have been dying to be outside more and 70 degree weather is my happy place. Now is the ideal for all those outdoor activities you and your family have been longing for. This week, lets kill two birds with one stone and focus on updating the outdoors while getting extra vitamin d, and if you're lucky, maybe even a little tan. 

potted plants.jpg

Pots & Planters 

WE LOVE FLORALS- if you haven't picked up on this yet.Grab a few pots and plants from the store and have fun putting together a welcoming focal point. 

front door.jpeg

Paint Your Door

Of all of the projects I came up with, this one is probably the easiest but most impactful. Whether your style is neutral, bold, or bright; freshening up the color of your front door is a fun change. 



Decorate Your Door

Whether or not you choose to put on a fresh coat of paint, accessorizing your door will personalize your home. Building a wreath, or hanging a cute seasonal Easter egg is a simple way to accessorize. 


Swinging in the Rain

Rain or Shine I love grabbing a book and a glass of whatever beverage tickles my fancy and sitting outside. Adding a porch swing is a romantic way to enjoy both conditions without being in direct sunlight or in the rain. 


Fire Pits

For me fire pits mean family and friends, the greatest conversations, mesmerizing flames, late nights, and of course smores. Including a fireplace in your outdoor space is the best way to entertain long after the sun has gone down. It might take a little more work than the other projects, but the memoreies made around your pit will be worth it.