Diane Keaton’s new book, THE HOUSE THAT PINTEREST BUILT, is a perfect blueprint for inspiration lived out in the life of a creative. She takes you on a journey through her visions backstory as she recalls countless memories of camping trips with her family, or at story time before bed that were the spring boards for ideas in constructing her dream home.

Then she shares how she started from the ground up on a 38,000 square foot lot in Sullivan Canyon, California and from there her vision sprouted. But just like any creative, inspiration is pulled from all sorts of different outlets like childhood memories, an architectural shape that left your jaw on the floor, or a feeling you want to be cloaked in upon entering a space. For Diane it was all of these things.........and Pinterest.

By creating highly specific Pinterest boards, Diane reveals how she went about articulating exactly what she wanted to capture in the finished product. That is the best part of inspiration- taking something that catches your eye and molding it perfectly for your life and personality. Pinterest has become the opportune setting for such adventures. Whether you are able to create from nothing, create from something, or an instruction copycat (not a bad thing at all); completing a space that says so much about you is the best feeling.

One of the things I love about Diane is she never swayed her style based on others thoughts and comments toward her home (if you flip to the last few pages of her book she lists a few of the confused and rude comments said about her finished home).

 A home is a place for you and your family. For some this look like

  • a work of art with everything perfectly in its place at all times
  • a place for the kids and their friends with toys and games galore
  • the resting place at the end of a very long day
  • a entertaining hub for all friends and family alike
  • on the smaller side, but with an incredible yard that encourages being outdoors

Each of us have different expectations and priorities for what our home should be and that exactly what makes it home to you and me. What is the intention for your home? Leave us a note in the comments. We would love to hear your different perspectives.