Panache's Custom Floral ArRangements

One of the many things we pride ourselves in at Panache are the floral arrangements created custom for our clients and customers. For years, this is a service we have offered, and our current florist, Kacey, is one of the best. The dedication and creativity she puts into every piece makes each one so very unique, and the crazy combinations she puts together, blow my mind with how well the final product.. just works. Whether it's different styles, colors, or just out of the box combinations she definitely has the perfect touch. 

To have an arrangement made specifically for you is one of the greatest gifts you could give your home. As you all have heard me say, greenery is one of the most important aspects of your home as is brings life, color, and dimension into the space. If that's the case, then why not make one to your specific taste and style.



The process is easy:

1. Bring in pictures and dimensions of the space you are wanting the arrangement to be displayed. This will help us grasp a feeling for your style and space as well as work with you on the size of the piece .....................................................................................OR Live on the wild side! Kacey makes incredible arrangements and finding a spot in your home for your new creation will be easy no matter the size or color. Come in and get the project started and let her finish creating the vision. 

2.Pick from one of our many containers to hold your arrangement (or bring in your own)

3. Work with a professional to pick out a color pallet to go in your arrangement. There are so many different textures and colors to choose from that are constantly changing in the store. Let us help you put together the perfect mix succulents or florals.

4. Let Miss Kacey do the rest! She will whip up an incredibly lifelike masterpiece in no time at all. 

5. Whisk away your lovely to its new forever home to live hapily ever after. 

Another option for all you DIYers out there with the creative juices pouring from your veins and the extra time to spare is to design something yourself. We carry a wide variety in our succulent and floral bar for you to be able to handpick whatever your heart desires. Then after we package it up for you, and it travels to your cozy home can it be laid out for the magic to begin its process.Having a finished produst all your own is so rewarding. 

So whether you are wanting one of our professionals to design the perfect piece, or you are determined enough to create something all on your own, come into Panache and let us help you during any stage of your process in creating the custom arrangement of your dreams. 

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