The Perfect Pair

Post By: Victoria Uhrich

If you haven't figured it out by now, I have a few things that I LOVE to use in decorating. Wood accents, grays, canisters, and stones are all things that call to me. In my house I currently have a few amethyst and pyrite and LOTS of geodes. I have a set of coasters that are geode, some wall decor that feature a few geodes, and (my favorite accessory) the geode bookends. I have used them in several different places around my home as I freshen thins up from time to time. They are definitely one of those items that catches your eye and makes you a little giddy that such an amazing piece belongs to you (maybe I am the only crazy one this happens too but I sure hope not). 

There are so many ways to style bookends, but obviously bookend implies there must be books in the area (I say must but- your house your rules).  Below are images of the different ways you can style bookends in your home. They make such a significant impact I don't know how you could turn down this perfect pairing of books and geodes!