Mercury Glass Made Easy

Post By: Victoria Uhrich

Using mercury glass accessories is one of the easiest ways to to fill space with a little bit of class. Of course they fit perfectly in a glam style home, but what about a rustic, boho, or eclectic home? Having shiny mirrored objects in a rustic home might seem a little far fetched, but in actuality it's not. Adding in some wood accents, brass textures, cacti, and unique color pallets will allow you to use mercury glass in your home- no matter the style. 

staged mercury glass.jpg

Rusticly Glam

Wood Slices+Dark Greens & Tarnished Silver

mercury glass succulent.jpg

Deeply Modern

Dark Succulents+ Etched Details


Eclectic Glam

Simplicity+ lux

mercury glass vase.jpg

Boho Vibes

Whispy Greenery+Wood