Magnolia Home White Arch

Post By: Victoria Uhrich

If you didn't see last weeks post, then you need to drop everything and go read it now! It has details on how you can receive secret discounts on some of our favorite items- including the white arch I am about to show you.

When this over sized arch first made its way into Panache I thought there was no way I was going to be able to style this piece effectively. We kept it in the back for a little while, and hid it behind some areas of the store, but I knew they day would come when I would finally give in and attempt to conquer this beast. It was a warm summers day....... Just Kidding I have no idea what day it was, but I do know Tabi and I were working together. We had just received a new dark wood console with a unique mirrored honeycomb pattern on the front and we decided it was time. Oh me of little faith took a little convincing that day (poor tabi was patient with all my doubt). We finally got it placed on the console and low and behold it didn't look half bad. We continued to transform the space by adding some impressively sized lamps to balance out the height of the arch and then a few accessories to complete the look. Y'all I was in love. This piece that I had been avoiding for so long was the perfect statement. 

I realized that day I had been looking at it all wrong. Just because something is big doesn't mean you can't add to it. When I starting viewing the arch as a background canvas that just needed a little layering I began to see the true beauty of this piece. 


This cozy set up is perfect for any nook in your home in need of a little extra love. The arch makes the perfect backdrop for any chair, dresser, or entry. The white also allows you to play with color and make it pop. 

arch headboard.jpeg

Y'all, I'm obsessed. As much as I feel that is the only caption this images needs, let me further elaborate. The bed is obviously going to be the focal point of your bedroom so having a unique headboard is something I feel is a must. It sets the stage for your room, and this arch is the perfect piece to bring a comfortable, relaxing, and romantic vibe into the room.