5 keys to combining your style as a couple

Blog Post By: Victoria Uhrich

With wedding season coming to a close I’m sure there are many new brides trying to consolidate furniture as they move into their new homes. It’s a hard process to tackle as many husbands will start to panic, because let’s be honest, 99% of the time their items are the first to go. No woman wants a nasty beer stained couch and a wrinkled poster as the focal point of their new home (and if you are a woman who does- well more power to ya!)

I can remember having a long list of my husband and I’s belongs written on a long piece of paper with checks next to the things we were keeping and big x’s by the items we were going to be getting rid of. My husband and I moved into a small apartment with a living room so narrow it fit our tv and the lovely new charcoal couch we had just bought. He did not understand why he couldn’t keep his comfy red couch as well, and the struggle began. His end tables- gone, dining set- gone, night stands- gone, dishes- gone. Everything that had become home to him over the last 4 years was being replaced. I began to realize that in nesting a home for us to begin our lives, I had forgot to let him be a part of the process and decision making.

I want every couple to have the easiest transition possible in this exciting stage of their lives. Here are a few lessons and tricks I learned that helped me build our home FOR THE BOTH OF US.

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“But Victoria, you just said that no woman’s home should have a nasty beer stained couch!” Nope, that’s not what I said. I said no woman WANTS that for her home, but sometimes, after the wedding, honeymoon, and moving expenses you have to be content with what you have- at least for the time being. Having a smelly couch might be better than having no couch for a few months. This is an important motto to keep in mind if money might be tight starting out.

2.       MAKE A LIST

Walk room to room in each of your houses and create a list of EVERY piece of furniture the both of you own. Then go through your list and write where each of those items will go in your new home together. When you are done, look through your list at the things that are left. If there are pieces you love and don’t want to get rid of, you might consider squeezing them in somewhere for the time being or renting a storage unit until you have the space. Although, if you are in a permanent home you might consider just selling all of the left-over pieces. It’s better to have pieces that fit in your home then a mess of furniture that starts to clutter the place.


Taking my husband shopping  allowed me to pay attention to the things he was pointing out instead of him liking or not liking whatever options I brought home for him to see. Yes, you are the wife and the majority of the house will lean toward your taste because of that, but don’t forget to compromise. Include a few pieces that might not speak to you but that he enjoys. I guarantee the glittered throw pillows weren’t his first choice.

4.       BE IN LOVE

We all want our homes to be “put together,” and sometimes that causes us to rush through the process. The focal wall in our living room was bare for the longest time, and I can’t tell you how many times I almost bought a piece of art or wall décor to fill the emptiness. All of the pieces I found would have fit beautifully with my décor, but they weren’t things I loved. I finally came across some wooden plaques and was smitten! They were weathered with some pieces having more of a white distressed finish and others a blue grey color, and the pattern the boards were laid in…… they make my heart sing. Every time I enter my home and glance at these beauties they make me happy. Find things that you love to put in your home, even if that means staring at a blank wall, or not having anything on your mantle for a little bit. I promise it’s worth it in the end. There is nothing like looking around your home and getting excited over how much you love every single piece.


As a couple, I hope, you have experienced many things together (trips, date nights, concerts, movies, weddings, etc.). You have a story completely different from any other couple in the world. Show off what makes y’all different! Put up pictures, grab a few décor pieces from places you’ve traveled to incorporate into your home, or place a deer head on the wall if that describes y’all.

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No experience will be the same and this information all applies differently for the season you are in as a couple. Remember to make it a fun experience though as this season in your life only happens once.