Thinking Outside The Bar Cart

Blog Post By: Victoria Uhrich

          When I was in college, I came across several coffee bars made from bar carts, and I became obsessed with the idea of using a bar cart for something other than.......well a bar cart. Sadly, I am not a coffee drinker, but my now husband and his roommate were- LIGHT BULB- I'll just make one for them. I bought a small metal and glass bar cart, which I was able to stage to fit their many coffee gadgets, and fit easily on the side of their dining room. My desire to re-purpose a bar cart was fulfilled, and they received a free, functional place for all of their coffee essentials.

          Recently, bar carts have changed their look, and now come in many bold and exquisite colors, shapes, and sizes. With all these exciting and new characteristics, it's hard to use them as JUST bar carts anymore without exploring their new potentials. 

Below is a list of unique ways to think outside the bar cart, and use them in any room of your home. 

bc coffee.jpg

Coffee Bar

As I just mentioned, turning a bar cart into a coffee bar is a cute way to place all things coffee in one area. This makes it easier to get out the door during you busy mornings as everything is in one accessible location. It's a bonus space that allows for a little extra creativity and organization without taking up too much room. 

bc kitchen.jpg

Serving Pieces

I don't know about y'all, but I love entertaining! The problem I have run into is having no place for all my fun serving pieces. If I'm being completely honest, I still have some pieces in their original boxes from our wedding 10 months ago! Adding a bar cart into your kitchen/dining room area is an easy way to store the extra platters and dishes while still being able to show them off when they are not in use. 

bc nightstand.jpg

Night Stand

Using a bar cart in place of a night stand allows for a unique approach to an everyday piece. And for those of you who have more items than most by your bed, bar carts hold a larger surface area than most night stands allowing for a few more box by your bed without the cluttered look.  

Bathroom Storage

For those without cabinet space in your bathroom try adding a bar cart for your extra items. It is within easy reach and adds another dimension of cheer. This could also be used for when you have visitors in town, and want all their bathroom essentials together. 

bc office.jpg

Office Cart

Most home offices include some sort of small shelf or cabinet to store extra office supplies. Swap yours out for a cute bar cart that can easily be moved and add a more open feel to your space. 

Craft Storage

Anyone with little ones knows what a mess markers, stickers, paper, glue, glitter, finger paints, and foam balls can make when not stored in an organized fashion. Put your mind at ease and grab a bar cart to store everything in. It is the perfect size for them to be able to grab what they need AND put away the items when they are done (wellllll maybe put the glitter and paint out of reach).

bc baby.jpg

Baby Cart

For as tiny as they are, babies have a lot of stuff! Keep everything organized and handy in a movable bar cart. Later when they are out of diapers (or old enough to reach everything) you can always use it for their books, stuffed animals, or toys. 

Be sure to tell us in the comments how you used your bar cart or leave a sweet note! We love to hear from y'all!