Overcoming Your Fear Of Wallpaper

Blog Post By: Tabitha Black and Victoria Uhrich

Whether or not you're afraid of wallpaper, it has come back in a big way. It has moved beyond the hideous wallpaper your grandmother had plastered to the walls of her kitchen to the show-stopping accent wall. The wallpaper that we in the interior design field have embraced is nothing short of fabulous. The amount of character and charm that these extraordinary prints can bring to you home have our heads spinning in love. From the kitchen to the babies room, we will show you in this post how using wallpaper is no longer a fashion faux-pa, but is now the greatest way to add a high-end designer touch to your room(besides furniture choices of course).



The Babies Room

This striking floral print makes quite the statement alongside a white wall. This look adds to a cozie and comfortable look for your sweet babies arrival.

Toddler's Playroom

How fun is this wallpaper for a child playroom? Simple, sweet, and easily cleaned, this mural style wallpaper takes your child on an imaginative adventure into the city. It's neutralallows for a easy personal touch.  

Making a Statement in the hallway. Whether it's your entry wall or the entire hallway, this fun geometric and metallic wallpaper shows an immense amount of style sure to impress all who enter your home.

Making a statement in a small space by using a busy wallpaper is so much fun! Going with a wallpaper like this one with a fun print yet light color will add flavor to your small space without making it look smaller than it is.

In the kitchen! Now, as we talked about before, grandma had quite the wallpaper in her kitchen, but this is not you grandma's wallpaper. Lining the inside of your kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to add a fun, modern pop that is definitely before it's time. We at Panache are in love with this concept.

Speaking of lining things with wallpaper, what about those shelves in your living room!? Adding a bold print without being too busy will do so much in adding design to your bookselves. This dalmation print works wonders for these shelves. What wallpaper would you choose?

When missing your favorite escape, adding cool mountain vibe to your bedroom with this mural style wallpaper is the key to satisfying your adventurous desire. Relaxing and bold, this wallpaper transports you to someplace so serine you'll have the most restful sleep from here on out.

Wallpaper on stair cases!? What!? Yes it's true wallpaper can pretty much go anywhere. Think outside the box, and don't be afraid to go bold.

 We hope this blog has inspired you to overcome your fears and get past the stigma surrounding wallpaper. Unlike your ex-boyfriend, it actually has changed, and for the absolute best. Come by Panache where we can help you find the right designer wallpaper for you, your style, and your home.