The Design Process

Blog Written By: Tabitha Black & Victoria Uhrich

We hope you had the chance to visit the Amarillo Parade of Homes! Our team had a wonderful time putting it together, and we are currently in the process of bringing it all back to the store. Come see us and shop the designer items from the extraordinary homes we staged.

Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to designing a room. They know what catches their eye, but they haven’t figured out how to put all the pieces together, or even where to begin. Today we’re going to share with you the creative process that works for us, in hopes it will work for you as well. And at the end of the day if your still overwhelmed with this process, we at Panache are always happy to help guide you in a direction that speaks to you as an individual.

So, fist off, we find an inspiration piece. This piece will become the focal point from which the design originates. An inspiration piece can be a pillow, painting, or really anything else that encompasses your style. Be sure it gives you instant ideas toward the design of your room.  Your inspiration piece should just reach out and grab you, exciting you and drawing your attention towards it. It should be something that you absolutely love, and will be happy with for a long time. Take your time finding this piece as it is the most important part of the design process.

Once you’ve fallen head of heels for your inspiration piece, it is now time to analyze it’s style. Is it rustic? Glam? Modern? You decide and go for it, staying true to the aesthetic you have chosen. (Side note: this aesthetic should still go with the rest of your house).

Inspiration piece chosen and aesthetic realized, it’s now time for furniture. Going natural with the colors of your furniture is always the safest option, but don’t be afraid to throw in a vibrant accent chair, or even a printed couch. If you’re feeling a little wild, go for both, but make sure the patterns mesh and won’t be too busy. If you’re nervous, go the safer neutral route or consult us at panache and we can help steer you in the right direction. Furniture will most likely be the biggest purchase in your room so being sure about your purchase is important.

Now that you have your furniture placed, go in and position your inspiration piece in the room. Now, let the whirlwind begin. Never fear! This is the fun part, it’s time to accessorize! Head to your favorite design store, (Panache), for some high design pieces to wow you guests and make your home look designer. Bring in pictures of your space and we’ll help you stage your room! Go big and bold, and don’t make the mistake of buying a lot of small items that end up looking cluttered and mismatched. For an effortless chic look hang an incredible piece of art on your wall and play off the colors in the painting with your pillows, rug or wall color. Mix neutrals and colors trying not to exceed more than three bold colors.

Finally add some greenery, and no we don’t mean vines (they have a way of making your home look old and dated). However, using floral arrangements and trees will bring the bright colors of nature to your space.  Have an empty corner? Get you a fichus tree! Their bold and beautiful and so on trend. Bringing the outdoors in whether with real plants or fake ones, will brighten your mood and make your house feel like home.


Here is  the room we created with the art shown as our inspiration piece. The art came as a set of two but needed to stretch further to fill the space of the wall the couch will rest against. We pulled a light blue from the painting to lighten up the room since the furniture chosen was on the darker side. Use this same concept when picking the color for your walls. If your furniture and décor are in darker hues, go for a light color on the wall. And if your furniture and décor is on the lighter side use a medium to dark color. This will create a great contrast to your space, and most importantly, it will be extremely pleasing to the eye.

Last but not least, sit down in your newly redesigned room. Kick up your feet and enjoy the beauty of what you created! Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax, you deserve it you go getter you!