What Does The Color Of Your Front Door Say About You?

By: Tabitha Black and Victoria Uhrich

Most all of us have spent hours looking for the right color to paint our front doors. We want the color to reflect us as individuals in some way, but what does the color you chose say about you? Look below and find out what impressions are made about you based solely on the color of your front door. Enjoy!

door white.jpg


Polished & Refined

Lovely and inviting your white door is just like you. Your family and friends look to you for tips on getting organized and your guests feel comfortable knowing that your house is as clean as your white door looks. You’re that person we all aspire to be!

door black.jpg



Sophisticated & Stylish

Sophistication and class speak to you as an individual. Your punctual and never afraid to go after what you want. Your friends and family always come to you for advice on the next big trend and how to pull it off. The color of your front door says, 'this person is bold and fashionable.'


Sassy & Strightforward 

The color of your door says that you tell it how it is, and fiercely protect those that you love. You've got some sass which makes you a fun companion. Your friends and family feel comfortable with you and wait excitedly to see what your next adventure will be.


Outgoing & Vivacious

You are not afraid to be the center of attention, and your kickin' personality makes you shine there. You unintentionally draw people toward you as they hope that your vitality will rub of a bit. The color of your front door speaks most to those like you, those who bring excitement to the lives of others.


Lighthearted & Cheerful

You’re as cheerful and happy as your yellow front door. You’re an optimist with a great outlook on life that those around you admire. Your guests can't wait to sit down with you for a cup of tea and some upbeat conversation.



Artsy & Unique

You love nature and all things creative. You have pulled a beautiful green tone from the exquisite flowers planted around your entrance. You are artsy, and unique in all the best ways. People love your wisdom and creative problem solving skills. The color of your front door inspires others to be a little more creative themselves.

Light Blue

Kindhearted & Hospitable

You’re just a sweetheart! You feel for others and want the best for everyone. You’re a very attentive hostess which make your friends and family feel loved. Your light blue front door is the perfect first impression of your loving home.

Navy Blue

Strong & Ambitious

The navy on your door reflects your personality beautifully. You’re a go-getter, and have it all together. Your ambition drives you in your day to day life and you are the strongest of your friends. Your straight to the point and loving personality is reflected in the beautiful navy blue on the entrance of your home.


Bold & Spontanious 

Making a Statement is your forte. Your boldness and spontaneity make you a wonderfully exciting person to know. Your guests are intrigued by your purple door and can’t wait to go inside and stay awhile.



Fun-loving & Adventurous

You’re a spunky little thing, and people love you for it! You’re not afraid to try new things, and embrace being a little different. Your pink painted door gets people excited to come in and sit awhile with someone as unapologetically fabulous as you.


Calm, Cool, & Collected

Your cool, and laid back yet not afraid to take care of business. You’re on trend while not overly worried about impressing those around you. You've got it figured out, and the beautiful subdued tone of your door reflects that. Your friends and family find your home relaxing and enjoy staying with you where they may get some new ideas for their own home!


Warm & Welcoming


The beautiful natural wood look of your front door makes your house look like home. Those that enter your home feel welcomed from the moment they enter. Warmth is the centerpiece of your home from the start and makes its inhabitants feel welcomed and content.