Mix and Match Patterns Like a Pro

Our topic for today is something that many struggle with, mixing and matching patterns. So many fall flat of this concept, thinking that all patterns and designs go together and can live together in harmony. This IS NOT the case people (said with much love). Put down the patterns and read this before you go there. We’re going to give you’re a little nudge in the right direction in hopes that the pillow fo-pas might stop! Like I said, we give this advice with love and understanding that mixing patterns is not everybody’s thing. (P.s. all pillows shown on this blog are available through Panache upon request!)


Classically Combined - Mixing a floral print with stripes and polka dots always looks good. It’s fun and striking way to add a designer touch to your room with little to no effort required.


This mix is for you lovers of all bold looks that create the wow factor in your home. This big floral print and purple fur combination is the perfect contrast to the lightness of the snakeskin print, and is just the ticket in pulling the lighter green tones from the beautifully bold floral.


Featuring a swirled striped pattern and a polka dot inspired piece, these two looks appear best with a fur or solid texture. Using a solid prevents the two bold and beautiful statement patterns from looking too busy, but accentuates their colors and gives a little flare.  


Modern meets elegance in this look with champagne tones playing off the golden browns in the roses. Bringing in the geometric print gives a cool and modern look with the velvet and metallic background playing back into the feeling of luxury, and a splash of shimmer gold takes the look all the way to the top.


Mixing geometric prints creates a cool modern look. Not all geometric patterns play nicely together so being conscious of size and color is the best approach. Here we chose a fun grey and black print in a larger pillow and then continued the geometric in a smaller solid grey. Then for the finishing touch, a white and grey swirl. The circular motion of the swirl is a great way to relax the eyes within the mix of straight lines in the other two prints.

Now go and mix patterns like a pro! Start by finding a pillow you can't live without and then refer back here for inspiration on where to go next. Post photos of your finished product and tag us! We LOVE seeing what y'all come up with.