The perfect solution for a little extra height

Blog Post By: Victoria Uhrich    

          I have a confession to make..... I am the queen of small accessories (but throw me in Panache and I have no problem grabbing the larger items to stage any console- I know weird). I don't know if it's because my husband and I live in a small apart where my brain has decided only small things will fit. Or because I just find smaller items delightful, but I always end up with cutest accessories..... they just end up being too small. 

          Thankfully, I have found the perfect fix for this problem of mine- BOOKS! There are so many different coffee table books to incorporate that will add color and interest with different fonts and textures. And when laid sideways, they can be used for height to help make my small decor seem a little bigger, and encompass more area. 

          Although there has to be some sort of balance (meaning you can't use book for EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN YOUR HOUSE), I have found books to be the perfect solution for this problem of mine. 


Above are images on a shelf I staged to show the difference books can make. The color they add to the space help complete the look while still allowing the smaller items to have a place. The accessories even become the focal point of some shelves instead of the accent piece.


Did my epiphany help you conquer your home? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!