Faux For The Win

Blog Post By: Victoria Uhrich

It's October! I personally have never been too excited for the cooler weather to roll in, but this year I am all about it! The thought of over sized sweaters, leggings, adorable booties, and hot coco (sorry I'm not a coffee drinker) make me oh so giddy. 

With the trees shedding their leaves and the plants around them preparing for winter, having a little greenery is always a welcomed touch. 

plant blog.jpg

Here a few of the many faux plants Panache can use to add life to your home. Our fig tree (top left corner) is one of our most popular options and it come in many sizes. As you can see we can order many styles that will fit perfectly in your home. 

Benefits of owning a faux plant:

- There is no up keep! Watering and trimming will be a thing of the past. (although we have had a customer admit her husband once watered theirs as it looked so real to him)

- Some plants need more sun light than others, but with a faux plant you can make a statement in the darkest corner of your house.

- You can have whatever plant you want- even if it's not one that is known for growing in your region.