Moscow Mule Me

Blog Post By: Victoria Uhrich

          It's officially fall in Amarillo, Texas! Temperatures here have finally hit the 60s (at least for a good portion of the day), and although the trees are still more green than red I am happy to announce that my fall decor is almost completely out. Even my husband noticed that pumpkins and signs had been placed throughout our home. AND he even commented saying he was pleased with the way it turned out (and y'all he NEVER notices because, lets be honest, he doesn't really care)!

          One of my favorite accessories to put out are candles and diffusers, and y'all I have found the most perfect fall scent. It is our simmered cider candle. The scent is strong enough to fill a room and make a statement, but not too strong that it overwhelms. Freshly pressed apples combined with hints of bourbon make for the most delicious of scents to linger throughout your home. 


FullSizeRender (4).jpg

          My personal favorite style for fall is the diffuser that comes in a glass pitcher like jar. It is a understated decoration that adds a lot of character with its shape and size. I don't have to worry about blowing out a candle.

          This delicious scent also comes in a room spray. This option is best to be able to control how much or how little of the scent you want, as well as when and where you want the simmered cider to be present. 

FullSizeRender (5).jpg


        However, our most popular container is of course the Moscow Mule cup. Its hammered texture and copper finish are the perfect accessory for this time of year. You will have the cutest candle to display, and the best drink once it's burned out.